Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Communal Grief and Communal Compassion

I hesitate to write. I hesitate to publish or post. I hesitate to share because I am not offering anything profound, polished, or packaged. But I am offering my vulnerability, my questions, my scattered thoughts…my ramblings, my prayers. I probably won’t say anything you haven’t already heard or read.

I acknowledge that we are in a global crisis and that we are experiencing communal grief, pain, sorrow, and death.

I acknowledge that my laments (and yours) are heard, known, and expected. 

I understand that we are all navigating this in real time in responses that are new to us. We are getting new information hourly. I understand that many people are disoriented, unfocused, and scared. I understand our need to adapt and change as the news and information changes. 

I recognize that we all cope differently. What works for you may not work for me. I will respect that and try to understand people who are reacting differently than me.

I will pray for and support all those on the front lines in health care. I am thankful for their sacrifice of time, energy, family, and their own health to serve in this unprecedented time.

I will not use this time to blame or shame.  I will use this time for encouragement and compassion.

I will keep my eyes and my heart upward and outward and I will find new ways to help my neighbor.

I will try to keep perspective and I will do my best not to engage in “comparative suffering” (Brene Brown has a great podcast on this idea).

I will pray for those who are working endless hours with huge responsibilities and I will remember that many people do not have the option to rest.

I will rejoice in the resurgence of: sidewalk chalk, family bike rides, playing cards, board games, creative learning, new and free technology, walking the dog, sharing ideas and resources.

I will invite, accept, and listen to anyone who has questions about God and Jesus. I will not judge those who believe differently than me. I will not pretend to have all the answers to the mysteries and questions. I will keep my hope in the Promise of restoration, renewal and revival.

 I will recognize and participate in the need for communal forgiveness, communal patience, and heaps and piles of communal grace.

I will do none of these things on my own, or by my own strength or will;  but with the power, love, and grace of Christ who transforms and renews as He dwells in me.  

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