Monday, April 25, 2016

Fitness and Cancer--end the fight!

Guest Blogger: My son, Noah Loy, Class of 2016.

Dear readers:

My son, who does not enjoy reading or writing much (how is he MY child?), asked to be my guest blogger today. He wants to reach many people in order to raise money for cancer research....these are his words.

Every year at Poway High School there is a yearlong project that every senior has to participate in, fittingly called the Senior Project. Seniors choose something they want to find out more about or pursue, either for vocation or avocation. I am majoring in sports marketing when I go to Colorado State Fort Collins in the fall, and have always been very interested in sports and fitness. So for my yearlong project I first shadowed and learned from a personal trainer who owns his own business and then focused on training for a Challenge Course in which I would push myself.  When looking for a race to compete in I signed up for a Gladiator Run, but it got cancelled, so I had to find a different race in a short amount of time and luckily I was able to sign up for the Mud Factor. I also wanted to incorporate something else near to my heart and wanted to find a way to partner my love for fitness with my desire to raise support and awareness for cancer research. As many of you know, my mom battled cancer throughout most of my high school career—from my freshman year to the end of my junior year.  Playing soccer and keeping fit really helped me to stay sane and balanced through this difficult time.  The 5K mud factor run has a number of obstacles in it, so in order to push myself, I set a goal to finish in 35 minutes or less.  This caused me to set a goal of having 35 people I know donate to the American Cancer Society so that two passions of mine would be intertwined. Would you help me in my goal of encouraging me to finish the race for the Mud Factor as well as to finish the fight and find a cure for cancer? Through my mom’s battle I found that the American Cancer Society gives the most toward research and is a reputable organization. I would be very grateful if you could go to and donate any amount. By doing so you would help a great cause and also help me accomplish my senior project goals. Also to help show evidence for my senior project, I need a measurable goal, so if you could please send an email if you choose to donate (you don’t need to tell me the amount) to my email -  or my mom’s email –

My Mud Factor Run is on May 1 and my senior project presentation is due May 20—so I will be finishing all parts of the project from May 1-15. Thanks so much for helping me with this project.

--Noah Loy 

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