Monday, April 21, 2014

Resurrection Day

I love Holy Week—the seven days leading up to Easter. Resurrection Day—the day we celebrate the Risen Christ.  It is this event that sets the Christian faith apart from other religions. We believe that Jesus died on a cross for the forgiveness of sins and that He conquered death and revealed His power through the resurrection. It is on this foundation that I live my life. It is on His power that I get my strength. It is on this promise that I find my identity.

Every day this past week was glorious—the sun was shining, the weather warm, the breezes soothing, the flowers blooming in colorful display. As I reflected on what Jesus has done for me through his death and resurrection, I saw his awesome glory revealed in many things. As I hiked Torrey Pines, I saw God’s steadfastness in the ocean’s tide as it ebbs and flows each and every day.  When I hiked Lake Poway, I saw God’s attention to detail in the rolling hills and the clear waters and in the bald eagles who nest in the trees surrounding the lake. As I spent time in my garden, planting dahlias and lilies and herbs I saw God’s resurrection power in the flowers that bloom in my yard—dormant for a year and then bursting with vibrant color.  I saw God’s beauty as I cut fresh roses from my rose bushes and placed them in mason jars throughout my house and yard. If we take the time to look and see, we will see God’s handprint everywhere. I see God’s face in the people in my life—people who love and live with purpose—people who desire to serve and to make this world a better, brighter place. I see it in my children—young men who stand firm in their faith and who remain true to their values and morals. I see it in my husband who loves with a patience and a gentle calm that amazes me daily. And I see God’s resurrection power in my life—physically and spiritually. How he resurrected me and healed me and gave me a new lease on life.

It is easy to get caught up in the routine of our lives—our work, errands, activities, “to do” lists. It is easy to just skate through each day and wonder at the end of the week where the time went. We simply forget to see all that God gives us and reveals to us. But when we focus on God’s resurrection power, we can look for the glory in each and every thing. When we focus on God, we see His wonder. It is a practice, a discipline. It takes time. It takes some solitude and it takes reflection. Where have these practices gone? Discipline? Solitude? Reflection? These are things we don’t find much in our busy, activity laden madness of life. But they are so important and we must find the time to incorporate them into our lives, to balance our time and schedules with these things. Simple solitude—a hike or a run without headphones. A quiet time with a journal, Bible and coffee in hand. A nap on a hammock. It means to purposefully and intentionally add some of this into our schedule. I know that it balances me—when I have work, family, activities, exercise, and then solitude. It is in those quiet moments that God reveals Himself to me—not in the noise of the busy day, but in the gentle sweet moments. It is then that I am refreshed and empowered to keep going, to live with purpose and to love with power.

It was Holy Week and I took more time to reflect on Jesus than usual. But God wants us all the time, not just for seven days leading up to an Easter celebration. He wants to reveal His resurrection power each day, each moment and He wants to speak into our lives. I joyously sing the song “This is Amazing Grace”.
“This is amazing grace, this is unfailing love…that you would take my place, that you would bear my cross. You lay down your life, that I would be set free…oh Jesus I sing for, all that you have done for me.”

Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, I am set free!  Because of his power I can see clearly.  In my life, He is lifted high and because of Him, I can live a life of purpose and intention. Each day I want to rejoice in His glorious creation and find wonder in the simplest things.

I pray that you too, will find wonder each day. I pray you will find time for solitude and balance so that you can rejoice in God’s resurrection power. Not just once a year on Easter, but every precious day that you have been given.

He is risen. He is risen indeed.  

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