Monday, September 23, 2013

I can see clearly now

I haven’t been able to see well for over a year now….and when I got cancer and had chemo, it made my vision even worse.  I have been in a blurry fog—everything I see has been smashed together, like those trees kids draw where the leaves are one giant green bush.  I remember when I first got contacts, back in my twenties, and for the first time, I saw each leaf on the trees as I was driving down the freeway. I had an eye exam this week and sure enough, the chemo has caused my vision to worsen and my prescription has changed.  I got new contacts and once again I can see clearly. I can see the sharper image in things and it makes my whole world come into focus.
When I was diagnosed with cancer, I didn’t realize how clearly my perspective and focus would change. When you are faced with a stage four diagnosis, your whole world perspective and all your priorities shift.  It wasn’t that my love for the Lord, my love for family and friends, my morals and choices weren’t important, but they came into sharp focus and the blurred lines of my life took shape and clarity.  Gone was the complaining about insignificant things—traffic, the weather, the social status ladder at my kids’ school, the nitpicking about piles and chores, the meaningless complaints about other people and their flaws.  None of that mattered.  Life, pure and simple, DID.  I vowed to live life with purposeful intent in a sharper perspective.  Seeing clearly doesn’t just happen, like the quick change of a contact prescription—it takes intent, and clear choices and decisions.  I have to wake up each day and decide to be purposeful, choose to change my heart and its thoughts, choose to make positive choices and say kind words, and live to the fullest.
Speaking of the word “happen”….the word “happiness” is related to what happens in your life.  If you are “happy” it is because of circumstances that have surrounded you.  Happiness is much different than joy.  Joy is a conscious decision to be “joyful” in all circumstances.  So, in spite of what is happening in your life, your attitude can be one of joy.  That is what seeing clearly and changing your perspective is all about.  It is a decision to rest on God’s promises and His Word instead of resting on your situation.  It is a choice to wake up and make your day and your life full of purpose instead of focusing on all the mundane tasks that need to be accomplished to get through your day.  Most of us live like this.  We complete our check off lists, only to roll it over into the next day and then the next.  At the end of the week, the month, the season, we have simply existed.  We haven’t lived-- fully and completely. 
I don’t want any of you to have to face a crisis so that you can see clearly (though the Bible tells us that these trials will refine and purify us)…take this moment to have a clear image of your life and your purpose. 
What or who are you living for? What are your priorities? What is “success” to you? What are your clearly defined morals and things you “stand for”? My favorite quote is “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”.  Katy Perry’s newest song has the lyrics, “I didn’t stand for anything so I fell for everything.”  Looking at her life, those aren’t just lyrics in a song.  Be someone of intent and purpose.  Be someone who when others look at you, they know what you stand for. Is it risky? Yes.  Will some people dis like you? Yes.  Will others disagree with you? Absolutely. But would you rather be liked or respected?  I just want to live a life worthy of respect, and I am not looking for the world’s opinion, but to the eyes of God.  I want to live a life with a sharp focus and clear intent.  A life that when others look upon it, they will see a woman of truth and integrity. 

How about you?  Are you seeing clearly or is your life marred by blurred lines? Now is the day to choose your attitude and your perspective.  It is in your hands.

"Never dull your sense of  being your utmost for His highest--your best for His glory." Oswald Chambers 

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Debbie Pederson-Nuñez said...

Again, so beautifully articulated, ,my friend. Amen. "You choose". Your words cause a worthy pause. Praying for you as you walk through the last steps of this particular journey through which you have chosen to rise above and look to Him even more deeply.