Monday, May 6, 2013


Green.  It is the color of fresh cut grass, of rolling hills, of deep water.  It is my favorite color--bright, vivid green.  I've been sporting shades of green on my nails and toes, and sometimes I do my "dramatic" eyes in mermaid green. It is the color of the bracelet so many friends and prayer warriors in my community are wearing in support of my battle against cancer.

Green.  It makes me feel alive and fresh and at the same time, calm.  It tastes like fresh squeezed lime  in a margarita on the rocks;  like guacamole and pico de gallo.  It smells like gardenias and the salt air of Puerto Vallarta. Green is my strength. Green gives me hope and joy.

Today my friend VC (a lifelong, forever friend) sent me a green message.  Now I am not talking about "going green"--it was not a paperless message.  No, it was a green photo text message.  Now first of all--VC is an amazing woman, a fiercely passionate friend, and an incredible teacher.  We met teaching together 26 years ago.  I stopped teaching 14 years ago, and she is still going strong.  Every student she has had is blessed to have crossed paths with her as a teacher.  Last round of chemo VC sent me a photo text message--she was wearing a green outfit, had green nails and toes, and was drinking green tea--all in honor of my first round of chemo.  Today she sent me another message.  As I sat down to begin infusion, it came through.  I stopped in my tracks and tears immediately came to my eyes.  I was overcome with emotion.  My friend Darlene, who is my "infusion" buddy of the day, gave me a moment to compose myself.  If I was savvy at posting pictures on my blog, I would attach it (but I am not, so if someone can teach me that would be cool).  So I will post it on FB later.  Here is the description of the photo:  VC, with her bright bold smile, dressed all in green--standing in her art class with her students surrounding her, all holding up bold green construction paper, and a big sign that says, "Cancer free."  VC.  Her students who I don't even know. Bright green.  Strength.  Battle.

Thanks to all my friends like VC who send me pictures, posts, texts, messages. Thanks for the phone calls, the meals, the flowers, the deliveries, the little cards, books, and treats left on my front porch.  I really hope all of you don't have to go through cancer to experience this kind of love and support.  Truly I am amazed.  It is life.  Green is life and love and encouragement.  Green is light.  Green is good.  Green is truth.  Green is prosperity. And I will flourish, grow, and prosper, like a living green plant because of the continued love from all of you.  My friends.  With love.

EDIT: Here's the image:

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Unknown said...

I was happy to see your post this morning. I have been worrying about you, and hoping that your positive spirit was still keeping you strong and I see it is.
How did I not know that VC is your friend? I love the picture of her and the kids in her classroom.
I continue to send you my best energy.