Monday, April 15, 2013

Ya Ya Sisterhood

Back in the day (1986 to be exact)--I arrived in San Diego to begin my first teaching job.  Fresh out of college and the teaching credential program at UCSB, I was blessed to get a job in this gorgeous city. My first position was at Ray Kroc Middle School in Clairemont...and it was there that I met some of my dearest and most precious friends--my "sisterhood". There was a group of us who were young, single, new to teaching, and a few of us in the group who were a "wee bit older", but we all connected.  We were passionate about teaching, and we worked hard.  But when we played, we played hard too.  We went on hikes, and did the Rosarito 50 mile bike ride numerous times.  We went to plays, musicals, eateries--we had game nights where we practically took each other out we were so competitive. We talked about books, movies, guys, dreams, purpose, and vision. We vacationed together--(ladies--what happened in Puerto Vallarta stays in Puerto Vallarta!) Through the years we have celebrated birthdays, weddings, births, retirements, and graduations. We have supported each other through divorce, illness, and deaths of parents and friends. In the 27 years we have known each other, we have all had our seasons of life....sometimes I will go months without seeing them, but our hearts are always intertwined.

Since they learned of my cancer diagnosis, these dear "sisters" have been supporting me each step of the way--and last night we gathered together in my home for a time of fellowship.  They brought the "party" to me--appetizers, wine, salads, baked potato bar--and we had time to laugh, share, reminisce, and to pray together for my fight.  My ya ya sisters are my warrior sisters in battle.  They are committed to fighting with me. We come from different backgrounds, some different religious belief systems, but we have a bond--it is pure, transparent, honest, true, and strong. Before the meal we circled up and prayed, and then broke into a spontaneous Amen, Hallelujah song (which we repeated a few times through the night).  Each of my sisters received one of the prayer bracelets that had been made for me, and they all signed the prayer blanket that was given to me from my church family.  We took crazy pictures and held our wrists up in the warrior position to show our fight against this cancer.  We grunted and made the "AAARRRR" pirate chant, and my poor son Noah who was taking pictures for us asked me later, "what were you guys smoking?"  Ah, that is the joy of sisterhood.  You don't have to drink, smoke, do drugs, or add any element of alternative entertainment to make pure joy together.  

Over the years and seasons, I have added other groups of amazing friends to my list of people I call "sisters". God created us to be in community--sisters and brothers in Christ.  He created us to enjoy all life, and to enjoy it abundantly. And when we go through trials and hard times, God wants us to rely on the support and love of those He put in our lives--those He connected to us by His design. I am so incredibly blessed by the support system I have received throughout this fight.  I can't imagine how any one could do it alone.  I have my family, my friends, my sisterhood, and my Savior Jesus.

All my love to my ya ya sisters (Kroc Krew) and to all the others who are fighting beside me in prayer!

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