Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh the Places You'll Go

It has been a full and joy filled week and I think I over exerted myself a bit--hence, the tardiness in posting a new entry to my blog.  This last weekend was full of activities and people I love.  I started my Friday by hiking Torrey Pines State Park with some dear friends.  This is another of my favorite local places--gorgeous bluffs above the beach with winding trails. The Torrey Pine tree is rare, and the trees are the inspiration for the art work in Dr.Seuss' books....if you have been there you will recognize the gnarled branches and twisted trunks. Dr Seuss (Theodore Giesel) lived here in La Jolla for many years and the library at UCSD is named after him. We all have a common bond through Dr. Seuss books, and I used to love using his books to teach a deeper theme when I taught English and history.....Yertle the Turtle to teach imperialism, dictatorship, and the rise of the common people. Horton Hears a Who to teach identity, self esteem and using your voice, speaking up to make a change......and "oh the places I could go" with all the ways his books inspire us. There is so much power in words, and Dr. Seuss speaks to the commonality in all of us, and I hope my words speak to you as well.

I continued to do things I love all weekend--watching both my boys play their lacrosse games (LOVE the lacrosse community), going out with a group of dear friends to watch a number of my church teens perform in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (way to go Santa Fe Christian School!)--I think I got a few more wrinkles because my smile was so wide with pride for two hours as I watched these precious ones perform! Sunday is always a great day because I LOVE my church family/community.  They truly live out the Acts 2:42 community of what church really is (look it up if you don't the reference). I am so blessed to work in a place (doesn't even feel like a job) that has people who love and serve so genuinely. Monday night I met with my teen leaders from church for a passionate study on Deuteronomy ( I know "passionate" and Deuteronomy don't seem to belong together--but really, read chapters 29-31--Moses' reminder of God's covenant)--it's all about God's promises, our choices, and God's redemptive love for us.

Into this week--Monday and Tuesday were long and little draining because of a bunch of scheduling I had to do--insurance re-routed, reschedule appointments and places, some confusion....but a shout out to Emily at UCSD and Debbie at Imaging Healthcare--I just know these ladies from the phone calls, but they walked me through everything and took care of managing my appointments, calling doctors and insurance, and then calmed me down.  So here are "the places I get to go" this week:  PET scan Thursday, MRI Monday, meet with my new oncologist on Tuesday....and then I will know more and begin a plan of treatment. But so many friends are stepping up to get my boys from place to place when I have appointments, and meals are being delivered (I love food when I don't have to prepare it), and cards of wisdom and encouragement are pouring in, and FB messages,emails, and texts of love are bringing me to tears (good tears--tears of hope and joy and gratitude).

Though no one ever wants to hear a diagnosis of cancer, this season of my life has brought me so much passion.  Passion for my family, my boys, my work, my friends....passion for embracing life and doing the things I say I  don't have time for--like hiking the beach on a work day, or journaling in my back yard, or buying a cool new blouse that I really don't need. (Thanks Mary for saying, "You need that shirt--get it!") But my real passion right now is for God's Word.  God is taking me places in His Word that I have read before, but they are so real and new this time around. Jesus speaks to us so clearly when we listen, and when we open ourselves to what He wants to reveal to every season, in every difficult trial, and in the joyous times as well.

Thanks for sharing my journey...please take this day to embrace every opportunity, to make the most of the blessings you have been given.....don't say, "It can wait".

I am going into new places and territories with this journey--they are unknown-- and at times I am anxious and fearful, but OH THE PLACES I WILL GO with Jesus by my side.

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Unknown said...

"All of my life, in every season, You are still God, I have a reason to sing. I have a reason to worship. I will bring praise. I will bring praise. No weapon formed against me shall remain. I will rejoice. I will declare. God is my victory and He is here."

Love you, Kiri. To the moon and back.

- Anga